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Peace (Shalom)

Why is Peace so important? When we think of peace we often think of the beauty pageant contestants who always answer the commentary portion of the pageant with, “If I win, I will seek and promote world peace”. Really? HOW can you promote world peace when you do not have INNER PEACE within YOURSELF.…

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Which Weapon Will YOU Choose?

Recent tragic events that have taken place in the United States and around the world are causing people from all walks of life to ask the question, Why? Why the shootings in our schools? Why the bombings and other attacks around the world?  People are starting to declare that they need a weapon for …

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The 3 R's To Improving Your Marriage Relationship

Living in a society that stresses “Look out for number one”, there appears to be an over abundance of “Number One’s”. Who is “Number One” to you? Do you consider yourself “Number One”, or is there a “Number One” in your life? Married couples should have a “Number One”. Physically speaking, a married…

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Defeating The Spirit Called Python

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Choking sensations while sleep, A squeezing of

the neck to cut off the flow of air (your breath) while dreaming- Can't

speak, Feeling Helpless, Fearful thoughts?  All of these things could

very well be a spiritual demonic attack.


You very well could be unde…

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